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144                                 LIFE  OF
gold, in Cottars quarterly journal., which was an
application of his researches in the Ural mountains.
In 1839 and 1840 he drew a ]aew hypsometric chart
of the mountain-chains and volcanos of Central Asia>
which is sketched and completed with wonderful
accuracy, and is appended to the revised edition of
his work on Asia. The publication of this work was
delayed, because Humboldt made several short jour-
neys, especially to Paris and to other German and
foreign capitals, but partly because he was disturbed
from his private affairs by the death of Frederic
"William III., an event which touched him very
His position towards the highest person in the
realm remained the same after the ascension of
Frederic William IV.; for the latter had always felt
the personal intercourse with Humboldt as an intel-
lectual and social necessity. As crown-prince, he had
also been a friend and.admirer of William von Hum-
boldt,, to whom he felt attached by his artistic tastes
and by his interest in aesthetic and learned education,
although the two were entirely at variance in their
political and religious views. Alexander von Hum-
boldt soon became the new king's confidential com-
panion and scientific adviser, and has since always been
in the immediate vicinity of the king, with whom he
has lived in Berlin, Potsdam, Sansouci, &c., ancl
whom he has, in his Advanced age, accompanied on
longer and shorter journeys. Thus the Prussian court
honours itself with one of the brightest stars of the
highest intellect in the person of Humboldt, although
it cannot be denied that his relation to the court
steals many hours from his valuable life—which
should be strictly husbanded—from science, and
especially from the completion of his great work.
Down to the present time, Humboldt lias devoted
much of his time to astronomical-mathematie geo-
graphy, which science never made such speedy
progress until Humboldt*s . day. By his acute